Presenting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.s widow, Coretta Scott King, my work, "Faith & Love" with Reverend Flowers.  See my essay after intoduction

To Master Others Is Easy

To Master The Inner Self The Goal

To Leave The Inner Self Unmastered...

Your Abilities Will Fail You When You Need Them Most



As a young person, Gandhi said of himself, "I was a coward. I used to be haunted by the fear of thieves, ghosts and serpents. I did not dare to stir out of doors at night. Darkness was a terror to me." (Quoted from Gandhi's autobiography "The story of my experiments with truth" Chapter 6). 

Gandhi transformed his fear, and became a force of Indomitable Will.  He understood and stated, “A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.”  He knew that “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will” and that's my purpose for my writing, teachings, music, and especially for my strategies of Internal Martial Arts and Healing.

All my training and experiences have led me to the deep understanding that our fear must be transformed into an indomitable will, not through brute force, but through wisdom, strategy and awareness.  For those of you being bullied and harassed, please remember Robert F. Kennedy's words,


"There is discrimination in this world and slavery and slaughter and starvation. Governments repress their people; millions are trapped in poverty while the nation grows rich and wealth is lavished on armaments everywhere. These are differing evils, but they are the common works of man. They reflect the imperfection of human justice, the inadequacy of human compassion, our lack of sensibility towards the suffering of our fellows. But we can perhaps remember -- even if only for a time -- that those who live with us are our brothers; that they share with us the same short moment of life; that they seek -- as we do -- nothing but the chance to live out their lives in purpose and happiness, winning what satisfaction and fulfillment they can."

What I am striving at, is that the bully and the harasser are both afraid, and filled with their own fear that needs to be transformed.  The bully seeks your fear and submission, so that you'll comply with their needs, the need of their own inner fear, that they are not in control and have no real power.

Remember, real power and control comes from within, from cultivated mastery of the self, and the ability to communicate and direct our thoughts and emotions.  Real power comes from mastery of the self AND NOT in the mastery over others.  Please read my essay below and remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Eric Sander Kingston

Faith, Love & Tolerance

Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King

“It has always been a mystery to me, how men could feel themselves honored

by the humiliation of their fellow beings.”

Mahatma Gandhi


In a world filled with duality and intolerance, faith and love are not easy philosophies to completely unify one’s life by. Each day, to some extent, requires an individual to re-affiliate their own selves with the unique qualities, and positive energies, of what faith and love will one day manifest upon the face of the earth: a world of enduring peace and global understanding between all races, regions and religions.

For us to reach that day, it will surely take a combined overall effort, but we as individuals can create, and speedup that days arrival, by committing ourselves to a more unified way of tolerance, and internal understanding towards one another’s positive ways of being.

Understandably, to reach this goal, will require a daily commitment to ourselves, not only others.  Each day we rise up, and every night we lay down, we would do well to cultivate the deep awareness, that faith, love and tolerance are not clichéd ideals, but rather, life’s salvation-al tools, and keystones, whose vibratory energy, penetrate and widen, even the smallest cracks in the walls of tyranny and injustice. We would also do well to understand, that no matter the challenge before us, we must stay committed to these forms of human energies, because history has shown us, that as these cracks in the walls of tyranny and injustice widen, so do the possibilities of manifesting a stronger today and a brighter tomorrow, that will ultimately create, for each of us, a history of a hand-in-hand unified humanity of peace and tolerance.

There are those among us, who will still choose to live with walls of fear and intolerance, who will have mistrust of their fellows, who will exist in limited ways of thought and action, but each day we can remember, “even for a moment,” that even in the darkest souls of oppression and anger, somewhere in that human heart, there dwells the need to belong, the yearning to be understood, and the want to be recognized as a complete, and sovereign, human being.

Ultimately, the Promised Land, is not a place of state, but a state of mind. A state built upon the pillars of faith, and unified by the empathetic understanding, that we are all Children of a Higher Source.  With that in mind, we can remain steadfast, to the internal wisdom, that the true seeds of a faithful, tolerance and loving humanity, have merely been covered by the thin dusts of injustice, the limited veils of tyranny, and the false mask of hatred, by which the winds of global acceptance, Divine Wisdom and universal tolerance, will one day, forever wash clean.

So everyday, no matter our burden, let us try and remember, that we are never alone in life’s struggle. That in our world, exist those who are of true Universal Will, those who struggle to live by the creed of a faith, that is wide enough to openly accept differences, a love, that is big enough to forgive and a charitable and tolerant way, that is open to new possibilities and unified potentials.

Let us always remember, in times of despair, of those who seek to go beyond the boundaries of their region, who live beyond the prejudices of skin tones, and who do not see life as limited by their particular way of being. I speak of those, who, no matter how small or insignificant, their contributions may, on the surface seem, believe that the nucleus of a faith, love and tolerant reality, is created, step-by-step, through courageous daily actions, to go beyond the preconditioned destructive thought-forms of racism, intolerance and fear based terror. I speak of those who choose to live in accordance with the challenges and energies of faith and love and tolerance.

Therefore, let us keep in mind, that much of our life is a choice, and that the middle word of life is “if”, and when the convictions of our faith and love and tolerance, are combined with thought and action, they become powerful seeds of change, that become the living, breathing, instruments which can transform even the perceived common person into a saint. For once the seeds of a tolerant faith and love, are implanted and brought forth from the grounds of human direction; they create powerful realities that bring into existence, what we once thought of as only far off hope and idealistic dreams. This is the choice, and challenge, laid before each individual each day.

Yet, for us as a humanity, to reach this united way of being, it will require a combined effort, as well as our own individual commitment, to forge these potentials and dream-possibilities, into this unified, viable living reality.

So let us commit today and everyday, to being one with the "better angels of our nature." Let us all walk together, towards the cleansing waters of humanity as brothers and sisters, and let us bring together a unified wave of tolerance and global understanding:  A wave strong enough to wash clean and nurture, the covered, yet always available, seeds of faith, love and tolerance that only require our commitment to their actions, to become living realities. Let us do this, not as individuals contained within the restrictive lines of race, region and religion, but as G-d’s Chosen Creations, as individuals all connected to that One common Soul, that One Soul that still says: “Rise, rise up together as one, with a new-found strength to wash forever clean the stained walls of cynicism and intolerance, and as we nurture the grounds of freedom, going beyond the illusion that says we no longer require, as a cornerstone of humanity, a world based on faith, love, character and a universal acceptance to fully exist, and evolve peacefully with one another: Let us all; finally, embrace the self-evident truth, that we sharing this small planet, are all G-d’s Children: Created equally, born equally, united by blood, ruled by G-d and driven for humanity.


With Humanity In Thought,


Eric Sander Kingston